The Personal is Political: Things I Wish My Doctor Knew, plenary at Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health conference, 27-28 February 2020. From left: Chiedza Malunga (facilitator), Sundus Ibrahim, Jinghua Qian, Desiree Tan, and Fatu Sillah. Photo: Nynno Bel-Air Photography.
Jinghua listening as Isabella speaks
Queer Futures, Dancehouse, 2 February 2019. Jinghua Qian, Isabella Whāwhai Waru (pictured), Quinn Eades and Nunzio Madden. Photo: Jamie James.
Interviewing artist Naup Waup for Inter Views at Big West Festival, 28 November 2015. Photo: Carla Gottgens.
Growing Up Chinese in Australia, ACMI, 24 February 2015. From left: Benjamin Law, William Yang, Tseen Khoo, Annette Shun Wah and Jinghua Qian.
Queering the Margins, Wheeler Centre, 28 November 2014. From left: Noel Tovey, Jinghua Qian, Anton Enus, Alyena Mohummadally and Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli.
Cherchez La Femme: Feminism & Hair, 1 July 2014. From left: Karen Pickering, Candy Bowers, Madeleine Hamilton and Jinghua Qian.
Asian-Australian Studies Research Network conference ‘Mobilities,’ Immigration Museum, 27 November 2015. From left: Arjun Rajkhowa, Jessie Richardson, Jinghua Qian. 
Founded by Jinghua Qian, POC THE MIC ran from 2010 to 2012. Poster by Texta Queen.
Performing with the Ladies of Colour Agency (co-starring Raina Peterson and Loretta Miauw) at Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2007. Photo: Sophie Neate.