Industry Insight | EWF

If you missed the Industry Insight panel at Emerging Writers Festival yesterday with me, Vivienne Pearson and Jeanette Severs, you can watch it here:

And below are some resources we shared during the session.

Resources for freelancers


Freelancers Portal – information hub for freelancers
Freelance Charge-Out Rate Card – recommended rates based on salaries
Rate Tracker – rates anonymously reported by freelancers

Blogs and podcasts

Freelancers blog including Vivienne’s post on media vs content writing. Future posts will include payment on publication, kill-fees, why freelancers are choosing to join MEAA, and how staff and freelancers can work together to improve pay rates and conditions.

The Freelancer’s Year by Lindy Alexander

The Writers’ Co-op podcast with Jenni Gritters and Wudan Yan

Facebook groups 

MEAA group, various Binders groups in Australia and overseas, Young Australian Writers, Freelance Jungle, etc

These are all non-course or membership related, so they’re free to join. Some are secret groups and need a specific invitation – feel free to message one of us if you’d like to join. They are all strong and welcoming communities and largely volunteer run – you need to read and abide by each one’s rules. Some are identity-based (eg POC, women) while others are genre or medium-based (podcasters, screenwriters).

Paid courses and memberships

Australian Writers Centre, Lindy Alexander’s courses, Clever Copywriting School

State-based writing organisations like Writers Vic, Writing NSW, Writers SA etc.

Writers festivals also often also have masterclasses. And Express Media has a lot of resources for people under 25.


These help you find gigs or where to pitch, and some of them also offer other resources and industry news.

The Freelancer Feed (Australia)
Rachel’s List (Australia)
Sonia Weiser’s Opportunities of the Week (US-based)
Sian Meades-Williams freelance jobs (UK-based)
Study Hall (US-based – also has a Slack and discussion e-list)
Pitchwhiz (Hong Kong-based)

Keeping up with who’s who and what’s happening in media

Telum Media Alerts, MediaNet, follow editors on Twitter – don’t stalk but follow! And make sure you read pitch guidelines (eg if they say to email, don’t pitch via DM).