Workshop: How to talk to journalists

A workshop for members of marginalised, underrepresented and misrepresented groups on how to assess and respond to media requests. Presented by freelance reporter Jinghua Qian with support from the Foundation for Young Australians.

Sat 12 Feb 2022
2pm to 3:30pm
online via Zoom
free – register hereadd to cal


People from marginalised backgrounds often have good reason to distrust the media. At the same time, it can be a valuable way of getting your voice heard. So I wanted to offer a workshop on how to talk to journalists without feeling like you’re losing control of your own story.

I’m coming at this as someone who has worked as a staff reporter and editor in news media and as a freelance reporter, commentator and critic for print, digital, television and radio, so I have some understanding of how newsrooms work and the kind of pressure that journalists operate under. I’m also a queer, trans person of colour and former welfare recipient who’s very conscious of how media outlets can exploit our stories and voices for harmful and dishonest narratives.

Different demographics and communities face specific barriers and prejudices when it comes to the media, but there are also some simple tactics and strategies that anyone can apply when responding to requests for interviews. I’m really excited that I can offer this for free, with support from FYA.

Don’t stress if you can’t make it this time, you can register to be waitlisted for the next one.